Whats up with tailgating?
Texian Army hosts a tailgate party before every home game. All Dynamo fans are welcome to join us. Here's some basic information about our pre-game activities.


Before weekend home games, tailgates will consist of all-you-can drink beer, soda, and water for $5. (We will not be providing food this year but you are free to bring your own.) These pregames are sponsored by our official beer sponsor, Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Things usually start about 3 hours before the game kickoff. There will be singing, drumming, and getting our tifo ready. Everyone is welcome.

Before midweek games, we tailgate at the same location, but it's BYOB.

At the end of every tailgate, we practice our songs and chants. We encourage you to join us in our practice, even if you plan to sit in a different section in the stadium. We usually have copies of the song sheet for that day's game so that you can follow along. You can also download a PDF version of our most current song sheet here.


Look for us at the corner of Preston and Bastrop in Lot C.



All proceeds fund supplies and activities to support the Dynamo. The funds that we raise by charging for the tailgate help pay for some of the material that you see in the supporters section and subsidize the bus trips to support the Dynamo when they play at Frisco.

We do not charge any fee for the BYOB tailgate before midweek games.


People generally start gathering about three hours before home games. If a game starts at 7:30 pm, then the tailgate will usually start at 4:30 pm. Check the article about each game on the front page of this site for updated information for particular games.

The tailgate will end approximately an hour and a half before the game so that we can clean up our area, practice our songs and chants, and gather our flags and other materials to march into the stadium.