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About Us
The Texian Army is an independent organized supporters group for the Houston Dynamo. We exist to energize BBVA Compass Stadium and create the most intense home field advantage in American soccer for the Dynamo. Our support for the Dynamo is unconditional and unceasing. We faithfully and passionately support the team at all times and in all circumstances.

We actively support the Dynamo for 90 minutes of every game through coordinated chants, songs, and visual displays. We are not a random collection of individuals who happen to stand in the same section. We are an organized group whose members commit to participate in specific, coordinated vocal and visual efforts.

Our vocal support includes original chants and songs developed by our members, as well as some standards popular throughout the Americas. Our members also produce a visual spectacle in the stadium by creating original banners, waving flags continuously, generating impressive effects with streamers and confetti, and developing new visual displays.

We also travel regularly to support the Dynamo wherever they may go. Our members have supported the team throughout MLS and abroad.

We base our support in Section 135 in the South End of BBVA Compass Stadium. We encourage fans throughout the stadium to participate in our chants and songs. Dynamo fans in other parts of the stadium can obtain copies of our song sheets from this site, or in person at one of our activities.

Dynamo supporters who want to become directly involved in the jumping, chanting, singing, and flag waving in Section 135 should come to one of our pre-games or watch parties to learn more about us. More information about joining the Texian Army is available here. More information about Section 135 is available here.

Our Background

The Texian Army is the oldest organized supporters group for the Houston Dynamo. We began organizing online as soon as news leaked in late 2005 that Houston would welcome an MLS team. We began discussing plans in the Houston forum on the BigSoccer web site in December 2005. On January 7, 2006, a few dozen Houston soccer fans gathered at Richmond Arms, enjoyed their first pints free (courtesy of Mr. Oliver Luck) and founded the first supporters group for the still unnamed Houston MLS team.

Our founding members included Texans from all parts of the state, other Americans from all regions, and immigrants from many parts of the world, including Mexico, England, El Salvador, Germany, Brazil, and other countries. While we represented a diverse set of regional and national backgrounds, we all combined our experiences and passion to support the new MLS team in Houston. We met on March 4, 2006 and selected Texian Army as our name to honor the example of the historic Texian Army's diversity and independence - characteristics that we also saw in our new group and that we hoped to elevate in MLS.

Since we continue to include many different backgrounds, our activities reflect that diversity. Much like the synthesis of different influences seen in American soccer itself, we represent an evolving effort to combine our own original spirit with styles from all over Europe and Latin America. Our group reflects the variety of backgrounds found in a community as vibrant and international as Houston. We have always taken great pride in our diversity and welcome new members of all backgrounds.