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More bad news for the Orange
Friday, 30 April 2010
Which one of you pissed off the soccer gods? Whatever you said, take it back. I won’t even make you identify yourself.

The Dynamo’s injury situation went from bad to worse with this week’s news that Geoff Cameron would undergo season-ending knee surgery for a torn PCL. Coupled with Danny Cruz’s red card in the latter stages of the Chicago game, the team welcome the Kansas City Wizards to Houston this weekend with a roster missing a number of key players – again.

Cameron scores the first goal

Cameron’s absence
Serioux is a lot of things, but a dynamic, creative midfielder he is not. The substitution gave Lovel Palmer more of an attacking role, with lackluster results. An ideal replacement for Cameron just doesn’t exist. Cameron was given the keys to the midfield, so to speak, to grow into the role Stuart Holden filled last season – making last week’s injury more painful. Not only does it impede the growth of this team in the short term, it significantly impedes the growth of Cameron as a player in the long term. Moving around from position to position each season is less than ideal and enduring a season-ending injury within the first few months in a new position is about the worst thing you could ask for.

Nonetheless, the Men in Orange must soldier on and soldier on they will. Expect to see a Brad Davis move into a more central midfield role. Of all the present options, he has the best skill set to succeed in that position. As a result, Corey Ashe will likely be asked to start on the left wing, giving him his first real opportunity to show he is capable of being a productive everyday starter.

The Who?
The Wizards have won a few pieces of hardware (that 2000 team did quite well for itself), and have even played a role in Dynamo history with their defeat in the 2007 Western Conference Final.

The fact remains that as opponents go, they aren’t exactly intriguing. Playing in front of 8,000 fans in Arrowhead Stadium for 12 seasons will do that to a team. Their key players don’t fare much better. Josh Wolff? Quality striker but whatever. Jimmy Conrad? Good center back that tweets gold but a big shrug. Davy Arnaud? He’s from Nederland, so he’s got that going for him (and that’s probably the first time anyone has ever said about someone from Nederland).

Only one player stands out.

For the second time since his trade, Kei Kamara returns to Robertson. Kamara quite enjoyed his time in Houston—and while all the details aren’t known—he didn’t necessarily want to leave. As the story goes, some words were said about his playing time (or lack thereof), and Coach Kinnear seemed to think his attitude would be toxic to the locker room and decided to get rid of him. His outgoing personality and the fact that the Dynamo forwards haven’t exactly been on a goal-scoring tear leads me to believe that he could have the crowd on his side, at least until the game starts.

Kamara’s play on Saturday will be interesting as well. He may be back with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and with something to prove. If he happens to score a goal, will he celebrate?

After bludgeoning the Rapids 4-0 in the first game of the season, KC has since found it hard to score goals. That said, they’ve only surrendered one goal all season. Where will the goals come from – for either team? I’m predicting that they’ll be able to overcome their injuries and grab a win. Barely.

This week:
Dynamo 1, Kansas City 0

Season prediction Record: 4-1