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Dreadful night for La Naranja
Sunday, 25 April 2010
A 2-0 loss. The Orange played as poorly as the weather conditions were at Toyota Park.

Pat Onstad probably could have done better on the first Fire goal. Bringing on Adrian Serioux after Geoff Cameronís injury (which looked like a serious knee injury) was a curious decision. The Houston side had a number of good chances. Mike Chabalaís progress at left back has been a revelation, as he was one of the best players for the Dynamo on Saturday evening. Thatís all that can be said about that.

© Nigel Brooks

A pet peeve
Letís get one thing straight. I hate it when fans incessantly complain about the referees. MLS has some horrible referees, but when you whine and cry about it nonstop, you sound like a titty baby. That doesnít mean you canít complain, just keep it reasonable (Seattle fans, Iím looking at you). Besides, talk to fans from any league in the world and theyíll tell you that their referees are complete crap Ė a bond that brings all soccer fans together.

From what I was able to make out from the broadcast and the Fire announcers on Direct Kick (which wasnít much because they were utterly useless), referee Ricardo Salazar had an absolutely horrific outing on Saturday evening. Heís most definitely not the reason why the Dynamo lost but he should reassess his career choice.

Losing control of the game
Aggressive tackles were flying all match. Obvious fouls were rarely called and yellow card offences were punished with mere free kicks. It all came to a head in the 81st minute when Tim Ward decided to try and decapitate Danny Cruz, earning only a yellow card. Inexplicably, Cruz is given his second yellow for allowing his head to be used as a piŮata. Houstonís players become irate, and rightly so. Luis Angel Landin makes a poor challenge on Krysztof Krol who ďretaliatesĒ earning Landin a yellow and Krol a soft red.

Salazar starts handing out cards like candy on Halloween. But itís too late; heís lost control of the game. You canít spend 80 minutes making completely nonsensical decisions that allow the game to turn into a street fight and then get surprised when the players cross the line and take matters into their own hands.

Number of cards during the first 80 minutes of the game: 3
Number of cards in final 10 minutes of the game: 8

The Dynamo lost due to poor play and the Fire being the superior team. The high winds and rain and La Naranjaís performance made for an ugly evening. Salazarís equally unfortunate performance is one that MLS fans will be hoping he doesnít replicate any time soon.