Where do the supporters stand?
The Texian Army supports the Dynamo in Sections 134 and 135 in BBVA Compass Stadium.

We encourage you to join us in Sections 134 and 135 if you can get your hands on tickets and you are prepared to participate in our efforts for the full 90 minutes. It's not enough to stand there. Our members participate actively in coordinated vocal and visual efforts to support the Dynamo.

We sing and chant for the entire game in Sections 134 and 135. We practice before every game at the end of our tailgates, as well as at our away game viewing parties. We urge you to join us for those practices.

Our songs and chants are coordinated efforts among the entire group in Sections 134 and 135. We designate certain members to lead the chants and songs at every game, so follow their lead.

While we usually have extra song sheets, you can also download a PDF of the most current song sheet here. Even if you haven't yet learned all of the lyrics, you can still participate in Sections by clapping and jumping during parts of various songs.

You can also participate in Sections 134 and 135 by helping with our visual efforts. We wave flags for 90 minutes of every game. Bringing bags of streamers and confetti is another way that you can help our efforts in the section.

If you are prepared to sing, chant, jump, wave flags and give everything you have for the full 90 minutes to support the Dynamo, then come join us in Sections 134 and 135.